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Bedouin Tribal Dance

Energetic Dance Music
driven by the joy of living side by side with nature

Visual Melodies®
Step by step understanding of Egyptian Dance

Certified Courses UK

The Drumzy School Foundation
Certified Course


A course where you acquire a strong foundation and basic

understanding of Egyptian Dance, Rhythm & Music.

Six classes where the most essentian aspects of 
Belly Dance are addressed and explained in detail.

Only 20 Places Available

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During the course there will be high concentration on the technical aspects of the Belly Dance as well as thorough breakdown of the basic steps that make up the choreographies you will learn.

This is how the course will run. Day by Day

Day #




Introduction to drumming and basic music reading for drums. With home work of the drumming exercises you learned. These are done on a duff.

Introduction to the basic principles of Musical Translations. You will learn how to interpret the Nay, Quanun, Accordion & Violin.


An introduction to drumming technique specialized exercises.

More indepth musical interpretation and moving to a choreography from the “Visual Melodies” DVD.


An introduction to the “Silences / Rests” in musical readign and an introduction to the 1st
"Tree of rhythms.
The Wahda Kebira” with seven rhythms.

A further study into the musical translations of soloists and orchestration. This will be done to a Golden Era Old Pop Song from Abdul Halim Hafiz.


More drumming and music reading. Introducing the feel of rhythms and the way to move around a drum. 

A drum solo choreo by Serena to be taught on the day.
Learnign the principles of a Drum solo and how to dance with a live drummer.


Playing the first part of the Saidi Rhythm combination. Several rhythms involved.

An introduction to Saidi Flolklore Stick Dance and an with a Saidi Sequence to get you on your way in the Folkloric feel.


Review of everything we have done to date.
Learning the
Hossam’s Madness” drum routine that you will be perform in our graduation show.

A final review of all the classes and choreographies learned in the course and a final home work assignment which will incorporate all the dancing and all the drumming in the course.

Only 20 Places Available

With the Foundation course, you will receive the
following Welcome Pack FREE OF CHARGE:

Froundation Course Booklet

Worth £20  (Free)


"The Belly Dance Workshop"

Double CD. Worth £12 (Free)



A Drumzy School T-Shirt

Worth £15 (Free)


However, You will be able to rent
a Duff (frame drum) for the length
of the course for £30.
Or buy your own for £60
(worth £70 from our online store).

For more information and to join a Drumzy School Foundation Course In London, please contact us on

or call us on:

+44(0) 1342 410800

Book Your Place NOW

A Foundation Certified
Dancers Course

A 3 Weekend COURSE

18/19 April - 16 / May & 4/5 July


Completing the Foundation Course will
automatically qualify you for

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